Project Management Case Study

How OGP helped a large International, Independent Power Producer to implement a robust Project Management process to address poor program delivery and poor reporting.

An Independent Power Producer suffered from poor program delivery management emanating from the lack of a consistent project management process.

Our Management Services team worked collaboratively through the Analyse, Advise and Action phases.

Analyse phase was to understand the pain points to define the objectives and agree an approach with stakeholders. The key step steps taken were:

  • Reviewed existing processes and participated in capital planning sessions
  • Reviewed project and portfolio metrics and undertook targeted project reviews
  • Developed a new governance framework and process
  • Developed bespoke project process aligned to the business needs
  • Developed a Project Management Framework, Process and supporting tools and procedures
  • Designed a reporting process and templates that could be utilised at all levels of the organisation (starting at Project level, to Asset level to Executive and Board level)

In the Advise phase we worked collaboratively to prioritise the recommendations and clearly articulate the value drivers. Our collaborative approach ensured alignment of key stakeholders, increasing the “success rate” of the transition into the new ways of working.

  • Developed new Project approvals framework and reporting requirements
  • Implemented the new Project Management Framework across the whole organisation
  • Developed training materials and conducted training for the new Project Management Framework, Processes, tools and Procedures
  • Mentored Project teams during the transition
  • Assumed responsibility as the acting portfolio manager to provide leadership to the Engineering Management Team through the transition
  • Supported the capital plan development and acted as the voice of challenge on assumptions and “do-ability”
  • Participated in Steering committees for large, complex, high visibility projects.

Action phase provides additional support to meet relieve current pain points.

  • Conducted independent reviews for selected major projects and provided recovery plans for 4 key projects.
  • Supported the Recovery plan of 2 key projects by the insertion of project management specialist skills
  • Development and management of a Project Pipeline process across the business
  • Supported the development of multiple business cases for new projects
  • OGP provided PM expertise on large projects at various stages ranging from Concept, Feasibility to Implementation.
  • Facilitated risk workshops, undertook risk management process for key projects developing and managing risk registers
  • Provided schedule development and management for large projects.
  • Provided cost development and management support for large projects (earned value methodology)
  • Provided specialist skills to support peak periods enabling delivery of increased projects in portfolio without impacting headcount