Transformation Case Study

An energy delivery organisation with ever 2,500 employees saw an opportunity to standardise business processes across four lines of business to reduce operating costs, reduced variability, increase transparency and increase organisational agility to support growth and future change.

This Implementation Phase follows from establishing the need for change documented in a business case demonstrating positive commercial and strategic outcomes.

Our Manager of Transformation;

  • Lead the design of new business processes, applying design thinking approach to ensure inclusiveness of key stakeholder’s needs  
  • Developed standardised business processes for Capital Planning, Portfolio and Project Management, Project Estimation and Works Delivery
  • Drove the Capability assessment and Talent management process to set the team up for success
  • Collaborated with integration partner to implement an enterprise software solution aligned to the new business processes.

Insights Phase provided the organization with a Business Benefits Framework to monitor the success of the new business processes. Change within an organisation needs to be measured to determine the success of the change and identify refinement or additional value add opportunities to continue the cycle of continuous improvement.

  • Developed a Benefits Register to record the planned benefits and communicate the delivery of benefits
  • Delivered a Business Benefits Framework to minimize risks to future benefits and maximize the opportunity to gain additional benefits
  • A suite of KPIs to measure the efficiency of the new business processes were developed.

Manage Phase is where the organization sees the realization of benefits being derived from the outputs.  Embedding the new business processes in a structures manner to transition into an operational state to achieve benefits and ensure the ensure the continued realization of the benefits.

  • Commenced the transition into an operational state by identifying Business Owners for each of the new business processes
  • Launched a Knowledge Transfer Process to equip Business Owners with capabilities to manage the process and transfer ownership of the project outcomes
  • Facilitated Lessons Learnt workshops so that Business Owners are well informed of risks in future continuous improvement activities.