Engineering & Design

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive industry experience across small and large scale projects. Let our team of certified practicing engineers (CPENG and RPEQ) guide you through the process of bringing your project to fruition.

Our diverse range of engineering and design disciplines includes:

  • Process and Technical Safety
  • Mechanical, Pipeline and Piping
  • Electrical Engineering (HV and LV)
  • Electrical Protection and Coordination
  • Electrical Power System Studies
  • Hazardous Area Classification and Equipment selection
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Civil and Structural Engineering and Design
  • Capability and Feasibility Studies  
  • Siting Studies  
  • Basic Engineering and Concept Select Studies
  • Front End Design Engineering
  • Detail Design Engineering
  • Independent Design Reviews
  • Remaining Life Evaluations
  • Design Review Facilitation
  • HAZOP Facilitation
  • SIL Determination and Verification
  • Project Execution Plans
  • Construction Execution Plans
  • Design Basis Memorandums
  • Operating Philosophies
  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Process & Utility System Design  
  • Material Selection Reports
  • Development of Construction Workpacks
  • 3D & 12D Model development

Our clients are invited to select their preferred delivery model at various stages of a project’s development.

We provide the following delivery models:

Owners Engineers

Work with us as we advise on technical innovations and improvements, provide scope and specification development and review your supplier / contractor documents for compliance.

Bid Evaluations

Our team can perform a Bid Evaluation for any of your long lead or high profile packages such as substations, switchrooms, transformers, generators and large motors.  An evaluation of your Vendors bid will help to ensure that the package is delivered on time and to your expectations.  Our evaluation can cover the following areas, tailored to suit your requirements:

  • Identify discrepancies between the bid offer and the project specifications
  • Identify gaps in Client documentation which can lead to ambiguities and variations later
  • Identify delivery schedule constraints and critical dates
  • Identify all documentation requirements are being met
  • Identify all testing requirements are being met
  • Identify all exclusions and hidden costs
  • Perform Vendor and Equipment reference checks
  • Provide a recommendation for the preferred Vendor

Integrated Engineering Teams

We can provide you with engineering leadership and additional support when the demands of your project exceed your in-house capabilities.

Localised Project Engineering Teams

We will provide you with a complete, multidisciplinary engineering solution that is guaranteed to meet the technical needs of your project within it’s prescribed timeline.

Localised Engineering Management and Remote Engineering (High Value) Teams

By combining our local Engineering Leadership Team with our remote High Value team located overseas, you can benefit from significant cost savings. This is a feasible option for projects with low levels of technical complexity.

For more information on how we can assist with your project, contact us on 1300 510 117.